Ping’An Huitong - Galaxy Ritz-Carlton CMBS Is Now Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On the afternoon of May 16,2019, the Ping’An Huitong - Galaxy Ritz-Carlton Asset-backed Special Project(hereinafter referred to as “Ping’An Huitong - Galaxy Ritz-Carlton CMBS”),whose actual issuer was Galaxy Holding Group, was officially listed on theShenzhen Stock Exchange. Participating in the opening bell ceremony were thefollowing: Huang Chulong, Chairman of Galaxy Holding Group; Yao Huiqiong, ViceChairwoman and President of Galaxy Holding Group; Peng Ming, Party CommitteeMember and Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Stock Exchange; Yue Ying,President of China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch; Luo Chunfeng, Chairman ofPing’An Fund; Li Min, President of Bank of Jiangsu Shenzhen Branch and AssistantPresident of the Head Office of Bank of Jiangsu; Chen Yujia, General Manager ofStrategic Client Third Division of China Merchants Bank; Xiao Yupeng, GeneralManager of Ping’An Fund; Qiu Weidong, Vice President of CITIC Bank ShenzhenBranch; Yang Quan, Vice President of Minsheng Bank; Wang Jintao, General Managerof  Shenzhen Ping’An Dahua Huitong Wealth Management; Xin Qiang, Vice Chairmanof Galaxy Holding Group and President of Galaxy Finance Holding Group; and TaoMuming, Vice President of Galaxy Property Group。

The project is jointlysponsored by Galaxy Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GalaxyHolding Group and Shenzhen Ping’An Dahua Huitong Wealth Management Co., Ltd. It is anasset-backed special project based on the next 12 years of revenue ofRitz-Carlton Shenzhen, a landmark in Shenzhen. Because of Galaxy HoldingGroup’s power, Galaxy Ritz-Carlton’s high-quality assets and great managementoperations performance, and perfect product design, the project has receivedextensive attention and high visibility in the market. The value of the projectat issuance was 2.211 billion RMB, the number of subscriptions surpassed thequota by a factor of 1.6, and the project’s interest rate reached a record-lowamong the same type of CMBSs launched since 2017. Luo Chunfeng, Chairman of Ping’An Fund, said the following words atthe event: “The successful issuance of Ping’An Huitong-GalaxyRitz Carlton CMBS will become a benchmark for the asset securitization ofdomestic commercial real estate, and will help activate the trillions of squaremeters of reserved commercial land."

Galaxy has always been at the forefront of theindustry due to its exploration of the business model of commercial real estateand its promotion of asset securitization. As early as July 11, 2018, Galaxy HoldingGroup successfully launched its first asset securitization product, the“Founder Securities-Galaxy WORLD Phase I Rental Asset-backed Special Program”.With a size of 842.1 million RMB, the underlying assets were part of GalaxyWORLD Phase I, a “New City” integrating industry, finance, residences, andeducation. In addition, the priority securities were rated AA+. The great operationalstrength of its industrial parks is a strong foundation for Galaxy as it carriesout asset securitization. Galaxy WORLD is a project that represents this typeof “New City” integrating industry & financial capital. The project has a totalconstruction area of 1,600,000 square meters and a total investment of morethan 15 billion RMB. Galaxy focuses on competitive industries like strategicemerging industries, artificial intelligence, aerospace, culture, and creativity.At present, Galaxy WORLD has signed with more than 500 enterprises (including14 Fortune 500 enterprises and 30 listed enterprises). The  industrial concentration ratio of ShenzhenGalaxy WORLD has reached 77%, and its total leased area has led the Shenzhenoffice market for three consecutive years.

Asone of the first real estate enterprises that participated in the constructionof urban ecosystems, Galaxy adheres to an enterprise spirit of "unity,service, development, and social responsibility". Galaxy focuses on thesustainable development of cities, integrates internal and external resources,and builds a self-enhancing ecosystem with “industry as the lead, finance asthe driver, real estate as the foundation, business as the support, andproperty management as the supplement”. Galaxy has comprehensively participatedin various aspects of the urbanization development process, including landoperations, commercial operations, industrial operations, and capitaloperations.

Thesuccessful stock market listing of Ping’An Huitong - Galaxy Ritz-Carlton CMBShas been widely followed by the market. This event embodies the comprehensiveoperations capabilities of Galaxy. In the future, Galaxy will continue to link anentire chain of industries, from industry incubation, cultivation, investment, andservice to operations. By integrating its various businesses such as realestate development, urban renewal, commercial operations, hotel management,property services, financial investment, and industrial operations, and by leadingthe operations of urban development, Galaxy will provide more high-qualityproducts to communities and to customers.



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