Residence: Pleasant View, Tenn.
Hometown: Pleasant View, Tenn.
Date of Birth: October 28, 1974

Height/weight: 6' 3"/215
Hobbies: Going to sporting events with his children
Marital Status: Wife, Tina (married 20 years); Daughters Kayla (19), Ally (16), Destiny (11), Piper (7)

Meet Jason Lynch

About Jason Lynch

Lynch has driven for several car owners during his successful Sportsman career, racking up numerous victories all over the country. He scored his first national event victory in 1998 in Memphis, Tenn., winning in Super Stock.

In 2002, he won the IHRA Quick Rod world championship and won another IHRA title in 2007, in Top Sportsman.

Mike Tedesco hired Lynch to work for his CARS Protection Plus company a few years later, all while Lynch continued to drive. On a trip to Florida for the Winter Series in 2011, Tedesco asked Lynch to watch out for Mia.

"I was going to Florida for three weeks, and he gave me the time off from work," Lynch said. "He said, 'Well, just keep an eye on my daughter. I'm going to let her go for the first time.' She crashed the first day we were there, and I let her drive my car for the next three weeks."

The relationship worked. Soon, Tedesco started his own racing team with Lynch managing it and helping guide Mia's career. Tedesco Racing, in fact, is still based in Tennessee.

"He decided to start a race team and told me I wasn't working for CARS anymore; I was going to run the race team," Lynch said. "It's been going ever since. It's great. It's a really good deal."

Lynch still gets to race and continues to prove himself a winning driver. He has won several Super Gas national events and is a threat in divisional and national points races.

Plus, under Lynch's guidance, Mia has become a terrific driver, winning numerous Sportsman events.

"I race every week," Lynch said. "I still enjoy it as much as I ever have. Once it's in your blood, it's hard to get it out."
Jason Lynch caught the bug called drag racing at a young age, and he hasn't been able to shake it yet.

Lynch would go with his father, Mike, to tracks around their home in central Tennessee when Mike raced in Stock and Super Stock. Jason soon figured he wanted to do that when he was old enough, and he has been able to race at the high levels in the sport as well as mentor one of the bright, young stars in drag racing, Mia Tedesco.

"My dad always raced, so I've been going my whole life," Lynch said. "It's always what I've wanted to do, and it's what I've done for the last 24 years."

Lynch first got behind the wheel when he was 15 years old, racing a stick-shift car in Super Stock at Music City Raceway near Nashville, Tenn. He went all the way to the final round that day and remembers it like it was yesterday.

"We went to Bowling Green (Ky.) the next day," Lynch said. "I had broken the transmission in the finals the day before and didn't know it until we got to Bowling Green."

Lynch earned the nickname "Racin' Jason" around that time after his mother got him a license plate for his street car with that nickname on it. It has stuck, and now you can spot Lynch on a race weekend with "Racin' Jason" on his Tedesco Racing crew shirt.